Welcome to PPCJ online.

Welcome to PPCJ online

This website provides you with current news; reports on exhibitions and conferences; products; features and general information on your industry and is an additional service for our journal readers, which enhances the overall package we offer our subscribers.

We will regularly report on the latest issues in paints and polymers.  Please browse the website for recent news articles and exhibition updates from the latest editions of PPCJ.

There is a natural synergy between the coatings business and the adhesives business with many of the same companies operating in both industries and adhesive and coatings products using very similar raw materials.

Therefore, it made considerable sense for the once separate EAS journal to be incorporated into PPCJ from 2004 and give both magazines the benefit of an extended readership across both industries.

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Latest News

New generation of hydrophobing agents

TEGO® Phobe 1659 and TEGO® Phobe 1409 – the new high-performance hydrophobing agents from Evonik – protect high-quality façades from weather, water, and dirt

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KRONOS at K 2016

This year, 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the first commercialisation of titanium dioxide, the essential white pigment, by KRONOS Worldwide, Inc

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EU antifouling copper approval will ensure continued efficiency

Jotun, a global leader in marine antifouling coatings, believes the European Union’s decision to approve the use of copper in marine antifoulings will ensure continued delivery of powerful benefits for both the shipping industry and environment

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AkzoNobel and Cruyff Foundation give sporting chance to disabled children in Brazil

Children with a visual impairment can now enjoy playing sports at a Special Cruyff Court in Brazil opened by Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers

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AkzoNobel is honoured to be a Title Sponsor of METALCON 2016

AkzoNobel is honoured to be a Title Sponsor of METALCON 2016, the largest international event focused on the use of metal in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal construction

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