Antimicrobial technology from Croda

In coating applications there is an increasing need, globally, for safe protection against bacteria, algae and fungi, and to avoid poor appearance, for example, on bathroom and exterior walls.

Inspired by Nature – Technology that acts like a cactus

Coatings with MyCroFence Inside will have long-lasting antimicrobial protection against a wide range of microbes with no risk for microbial resistance. These benefits allow paint manufacturers to differentiate their paints with offering hazardous symbol free paint formulation for exterior and interior applications.

Croda’s MyCroFence antimicrobial technology does not poison microbes but interacts with them in a physical way like the needles of a cactus. It modifies the binder in such a way that the binder itself becomes antimicrobial and forms the physical barrier. Due to the absence of toxic active release biocides, MyCroFence ensures a non-stop and safe antimicrobial protection. Coatings or paints with MyCroFence Inside can therefore be used effectively on walls, ceilings and floors in virtually any environment such as bathrooms, kitchens, and public buildings, like schools and sports facilities.

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