Flint Group receives Expanded Gamut Printing partnership certificate from Marvaco

Flint Group, a global supplier of high-quality flexo-printing plates and inks, has been awarded the Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) Partnership Certificate by Marvaco Ltd, a pioneer in modern EGP technology.

The certificate recognises the company’s capability to deliver a successful implementation of this modern production process.

The EGP repro-plate technology enables printing with no need for manual mixing of spot colours.

Predictable and precise brand colours are implemented with digitally assisted ink blending, where the CMYK colour gamut is enriched, for example, with additional OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) process inks.

Printers have reported a remarkable rise in efficiency and quality since moving to Full HD EGP.

What is more, the consumption of ink and solvents has dropped dramatically, making the process greener than traditional flexo printing.

Brand colours that have been restricted by the CMYK method in the past can now be printed in a nearly unrestricted, more precise manner, batch after batch, as the EGP technology multiplies the number of available colour shades compared to the Pantone+ colour series.

The other advantages of this technology include gang printing of different products at the same time and more cost-efficient printing of smaller print runs. 

Flint Group supplies package printers with high quality, state of the art inks and coatings, and photopolymer plate raw materials to support the Expanded Gamut Printing process.

The first Full HD EGP project between Flint Group and Marvaco was initiated in 2015 and resulted in the ‘Petfood’ job, printed in cooperation with Soma at 100lpcm (254 lpi) on OPP in Drupa’16.

Since then, Flint Group and Marvaco have implemented the Full HD EGP also for water-based inks on paper, and both UV and solvent-based inks on self-adhesive labels.

The certificate is awarded for the stability and excellent process reliability of the inks and plates based on the experience in numerous prints at several printers in the past three years.

The jobs have been printed in high line screen, up to 70 lpcm (178 lpi), in daily production.

Moreover, the awarded success in different flexo printing competitions using Marvaco’s EGP repro-plate solution, verifies that the EGP printing results with the Flint Group technology have been excellent.

“Printing companies need skillful and capable partners to implement EGP technology.

“Flint Group’s ability to supply user-friendly flexo printing inks and high quality flexo raw plates has been tested even in the most demanding applications with various materials,” says Kai Lankinen, Chairman of Marvaco. 

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