Gelest launches activated amine functional silane

Gelest, Inc has unveiled its Sivate A610 activated amine functional silane, which improves adhesion, speeds reactivity and increases bond strength in packaging, polymer, micro-electronics and curing applications. It offers Sivate A610 activated amine silane for use as a tie-layer between organic and inorganic substrates in multi-layer packaging, a coupling agent for high speed epoxy adhesive bonding, phenolic resins, polyurethanes and polyamides or a primer for high-speed UV-acrylated urethane cure systems. This silane is a proprietary combination of a cyclic azasilane with an amine functional silane that drives a thermodynamically-favoured formation of silicon-oxygen bonds to nearly 85% completion in less than 15sec.

The activated amine silane reacts with more than three times as many hydroxyl groups as conventional ethoxy silanes and has a reaction speed more than 100 times faster than conventional silanes, providing immediate adhesion.

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