Products in brief

BASF broadens portfolio of UV resins
BASF is broadening its portfolio of UV resins to include five new standard epoxy acrylates from the Laromer EA product family. The binders are used for UV-curable coatings for the furniture and flooring industry, as well as for overprint varnishes and printing inks. They are characterised by high reactivity and chemical resistance and make coatings and printing inks particularly durable.

Pneumatic weigh hopper with fill/pass valve
A weigh hopper with Fill/Pass Valve for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems has been introduced by Flexicon.  Suspended from three small-scale load cells, the gain-in-weight hopper delivers higher accuracy than loss-of-weight systems requiring higher-capacity load cells. Single or multiple hoppers can be positioned along a common vacuum or positive pressure pneumatic conveying line for discharging of dry bulk solids into single or multiple process equipment, storage vessels or downstream use points by weight.

Dymax curing systems enhance 3D printing
Dymax Corporation has introduced an application for its UV light-curing spot and flood-lamp system that enhances configurations for 3D post-curing applications or help rework the model. These flood-lamp models use a powerful UV light-curing lamp (up to 225mW/cm²) for fast curing over a 12.7cm x 12.7 cm (5in x 5in) area.

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