Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME) expands smart anti-collision solution set

03 April 2024

Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME), a pioneer in occupational safety technology, has expanded the range of its AMESPHERE safety-as-a-service anti-collision solution.

At this year’s LogiMAT, AME will announce its AMESPHERE VISTA which enables the detection of untagged pedestrians, thanks to the integrated AI cameras and its AMESPHERE ONE compact anti-collision system, which is all-in-one solution for smaller vehicles. These new solutions complement its innovative AMESPHERE ALPHA with local positioning system (UWB-LPS) technology in providing intelligent anti-collision protection for complex logistics operations.

“Averting collisions in real-time is fundamental to intralogistics safety but only part of a truly holistic solution. If there are accidents, near misses, or any other safety-related events, users need to know the details on when, where and why they happened, so they can adjust and optimise operations accordingly. This is what our AMESPHERE safety-as-a service offering does and the new additions we are announcing today expand its capability further,” said Claudio Salvador, President of AME. 


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AMESPHERE System Overview 

AME’s flagship solution is AMESPHERE ALPHA, the first real-time plant safety monitoring application. Users outfit anyone at risk of colliding with an industrial vehicle with a wearable electronic tag (AMESPHERE TAG) and equip vehicles with a tag-reading sensor (AMESPHERE KEY). The key senses any tagged pedestrians in the area and sends location information to the driver’s tablet (AMESPHERE TABLET.)

Managing integration and operation is the AMESPHERE PLATFORM, cloud-based software that manages the collection and sharing of information in real time as well as the storage and retrieval of contextual data. It digitizes it for use in algorithms that correlate recorded events with the actual level of risk, presenting it in an Efficiency Safety Indicator (ESI), a single coefficient that provides real-time insights into the safety and operational efficiency of any facility, something that is a unique AME feature.

At LogiMAT, AME will be announcing two additional but complementary applications. AMESPHERE VISTA and AMESPHERE ONE.

AMESPHERE VISTA – Beyond the tag

AME’S new AMESPHERE VISTA augments the LPS functionality with an AI camera that enables precise detection of pedestrians not wearing the TAG. It integrates with the ALPHA LPS giving drivers a single screen on which they can see positions and alerts, not only of tagged pedestrians at risk but also untagged pedestrians or other events in the protected environment.

“AMESPHERE VISTA represents the rare integration of LPS tag-based anti-collision and AI camera-based technology. The LPS system gives the exact position of pedestrians wearing tags, while the camera detects them whether they have tags or not. It digitizes for use in risk evaluating algorithms. No other anti-collision system integrates both LPS and AI so elegantly,” said AME CEO Filippo Bonifacio

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