Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME) to showcase its innovative safety solutions at National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) Conference

25 June 2024

Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME), a leader in workplace safety technologies, is participating in the upcoming National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) Conference in Florida. At this event, AME will showcase its highly adaptable safety solutions for the port and terminal industry, including Amesphere Alpha, Amesphere Vista, And Amesphere One.

The port and terminal industry is a peculiar industry involving high-level complexities due to massive machinery and the constant movement of goods and personnel. Safety is critical in these environments to prevent costly incidents and operational downtime. AME’s solutions are designed to address these challenges by enhancing safety, reducing accident rates, and optimising operations.

AME’s flagship solution, Amesphere Alpha, is a real-time plant safety monitoring application. It includes wearable electronic tags (Amesphere Tag) for individuals and tag-reading sensors (Amesphere Key) on vehicles to prevent collisions. The system provides real-time information of the vehicles/machines to drivers through the Amesphere Tablet, significantly enhancing situational awareness. This technology ensures the highest level of safety for pedestrians and machinery and reducing the risk of accidents in port operations.

In the port and terminal industry, there are situations where tagging every individual is impractical due to varying work conditions. Amesphere Vista addresses these challenges by meeting specific requirements associated with complex industries such as maritime. This solution integrates AI camera technology with an LPS tag-based system to detect both tagged and untagged pedestrians. This dual approach ensures comprehensive safety coverage, making it ideal for dynamic port settings. “We have expanded our safety ecosystem to include Amesphere Vista, a significant technological development that combines AI camera and anti-collision technology to enhance detection capabilities and ensure maximum safety for workers,” said Filippo Bonifacio, CEO of AME.


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The scale of the machines located in ports is enormous, making it challenging to mount cameras on such large equipment. Additionally, there are restricted areas where pedestrians are not allowed due to the size of the machinery. AME’s tag-based solution comes in handy here, as it can prevent machine-to-machine collisions due to the presence of sensors. The machine-to-machine safety feature offered by AME is highly distinctive and not readily available by its peers.

Another product under the Amesphere ecosystem is Amesphere One, an ALL-IN-ONE sensor designed to detect pedestrian workers and activate integrated LEDs to alert drivers of potential collision risks. This system can be easily configured using a simple app, allowing customization of detection zones to meet specific operational requirements. Its adaptability makes it perfect for diverse environments found in ports and terminals.

A key feature of the Amesphere ecosystem is its cloud connectivity which allows authorised users to access and analyse data anytime. The system runs algorithms to assess risk levels and alerts relevant personnel via smartphones, email, and other media, ensuring timely and effective responses to potential hazards. This feature helps to transform collected data into actionable insights, which may be highly valuable for the port companies in order to continuously enhance safety and operational efficiency based on the information derived from the data.

“We are thrilled to showcase our solutions at the NMSA Conference and demonstrate how they can significantly enhance safety in ports and terminals,” said Bonifacio. “Our technology is designed to address the unique challenges of these environments. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet other members who are actively trying to make the industry a safer place to work at.”

Ports and terminals can benefit immensely from AME’s adaptable and customisable safety solutions. The integration of tag and camera-based technologies ensures comprehensive safety coverage, even in areas where installing cameras on large machinery is not possible. Whether it’s preventing accidents between massive machines or ensuring the safety of workers, AME’s solutions can be tailored to the unique demands of the organisations.

“We are also a member of the Port Equipment Manufacturing Association (PEMA), which shows that we are committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and delivering innovative safety solutions,” added Bonifacio.

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