AkzoNobel creating the right bond with adhesives customers

27 September 2018

AkzoNobel’s Industrial Coatings business has developed a way for its wood adhesives customers to be more efficient.

Known as intelliCURE, the novel system involves bundling actual products, software and machinery into a single solution for manufacturers of glued wooden parts.

"Gone are the days when we solely focus on providing customers with the best adhesives to bond their wood components together," explained Simon Parker, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings.

"Our ongoing digital transformation means that we can now offer many more benefits on top of this and, as a result, help them to grow."

Offering solutions through intelliCURE means that as well as supplying the actual adhesives, AkzoNobel can also provide the machinery – which dispenses the product onto the wooden parts being bonded – and the software – which dynamically optimises the amount being applied.

The system also logs every process parameter during bonding for quality assurance.

The latest in a series of digital innovations from AkzoNobel, the innovative offering means customers can reduce the total cost of ownership while achieving more sustainable results.

"IntelliCURE is a logical next step," continued Parker, who added that the system is currently available in Europe.

"It’s a flexible solution that helps customers to run their lines as efficiently as possible – thereby making them more competitive in the marketplace.

"The beauty of the system is that customers can pick and choose.

"They can use it all, or just parts of it, depending on their individual needs."

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