AkzoNobel supplies coatings for Van Gogh Museum’s new entrance hall

08 September 2015

Visitors to Amsterdam’s world famous Van Gogh Museum can now enjoy stepping through the venue’s new entrance hall, which features products and expertise supplied by AkzoNobel.

Completely transparent thanks to the use of advanced glass building techniques, the spectacular new addition features the company’s coatings on the walls, steel structure and lamp fixtures.

The new entrance has created an extra 800m2 of floor space, which means the museum is now better equipped to welcome the growing number of visitors and conference guests.

"We are delighted to have worked with AkzoNobel on our new entrance hall,” said Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum. "As well as providing the necessary expertise, the company has a strong focus on preserving culture and safeguarding heritage, a commitment we both share.”

Added AkzoNobel CEO Ton Büchner: "We attach great value to our partnership with the Van Gogh Museum. Working on the new entrance hall not only enabled us to showcase our expertise in a magnificent setting, but also allowed us to make an important additional contribution to Van Gogh’s enduring legacy.”

AkzoNobel has been a partner of the Van Gogh Museum’s restoration studio since 2013. Through this collaboration, the company is contributing to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries.

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