Alberdingk Boley at ECS

31 March 2015

ALBERDINGK BOLEY has developed a brandnew acrylate styrene dispersion for wall paints free of preserving agents, to be used in combination with the extender Casul.

Due to the high pH-value of the filler Casul, a supplement of preserving agents can be avoided. Colours on basis of ALBERDINGK® AS 2084 get a wet abrasion resistance of 2 according to DIN EN 13300. ALBERDINGK® AS 2084 has obtained a Harmlessness Declaration for Food Stuffs. Due to the excellent stabilization, ALBERDINGK® AS 2084 can be used also for further applications for which strong cations are used such as stain blocking primers for example.,
ALBERDINGK BOLEY at ECS at Nuremberg: hall 7, booth 455.

Presentations are being held on the company’s stand every day:

11 a.m.
ALBERDINGK® U 7400 – a novel, easy to apply 1K/2K polyurethane dispersion for hardwood flooring

11.15 a.m.
ALBODUR® 904 – a new hydrophobic polyol, based on renewable resources with low temperature flexibility

11.30 a.m.
Another one bites the rust. Novel innovative, water based corrosion protection

2 p.m.
ALBERDINGK® PUR-MATT 970 – an inherent-matt, hard PUD as versatile tool in invisible varnishes and paints

2.15 p.m.
ALBERDINGK® PUR-MATT 300 – a unique softfeel, inherent-matt PUD for multiple applications

2.30 p.m.
New, transparent acrylics for enhanced surface coatings

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