Allnex introduces waterborne dispersions

13 November 2014

Allnex has introduced the performances of its 2-component (2K) Macrynal VSM 2521w and VSM 6299w waterborne dispersions from its acrylic resin range. These dispersions show improved performance that is as good as 2K acrylic solventborne (2K) polyurethanes. They provide good compatibility and mixability with a wide range of solvent-free hydrophilised polyisocyanates. They are easily hand mixed when mechanical agitation is not available during application. Resultant coatings from these dispersions give high gloss and excellent chemical and block resistance.

Allnex’s Macrynal VSM 2521w and VSM 6299w, which are well-known for their quality clear coat and top coat performances are now improved with a new offering of good hand mixability with hydrophilic polyisocyanates.

Allnex’s Regional Business Director, Mr Jeremy Qi said, "With the increasing need to protect our environment, the advanced performances of these waterborne dispersions are a welcome change that enables businesses to switch from solventborne to waterborne options in compliance with regulatory needs without sacrificing quality and performance.”

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