allnex launches a new line of Setalux resins for fast curing 2k NCO technology

11 September 2018

allnex has made a major leap in accelerating dry speeds in 2k NCO systems without sacrificing pot life.

A new line of SETALUX® resins featuring extremely fast drying under ambient and force cure conditions, optimised pot life and excellent early hardness is now available.

While these resins have been developed for 2k Vehicle Refinish clearcoat applications, they will also deliver on their promise in high-end metal and protective coatings topcoats.

Best in its class for medium solids applications, the ultrafast drying resin SETALUX 1226 SS-60 provides excellent early polishability in clearcoats and is also suitable for medium solids, early dry to sand primers.

For very fast drying applications that also require exceptionally long pot life, SETALUX FC 1227 BA-67 is available.

Clearcoats formulated with this resin will exhibit very high hardness levels directly after curing at room or elevated temperature.

allnex has developed SETALUX FC 1922 BA-75 and SETALUX FC 1924 BA-75 for high solids systems.

In 420 g/l clearcoat systems, these resins provide ultrafast drying at room temperature (SETALUX FC 1922 BA-75), excellent overall performance (SETALUX FC 1924 BA-75).

Lastly, the new allnex product range also contains a cost-effective fast curing resin for 2k applications (SETALUX FC 1923 BA-75).

All of the resins in the new allnex SETALUX FC product range have the following features:

  • Fast to ultrafast drying at room temperature or elevated temperature
  • Exceptionally long pot life and working time
  • Excellent early hardness development
  • Good chemical resistance, mechanical properties and outdoor durability

Marketing Manager Automotive and Vehicle Refinish systems, Hans Schellekens said: "With the introduction of the new SETALUX Fast Cure (FC) product range, which includes medium and high solid resins, we address the need in the vehicle refinish and industrial markets for faster drying systems which maintain good pot life and simultaneously exhibit excellent performance.

"Customers will benefit from these new resins as they increase the efficiency of paint processes by reducing energy and overtime costs and by simply providing a faster repair time.”

The Setalux FC product range is now available for customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

FC products tailored to the specific requirements of the Asian and American markets will soon be available.

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