Amazon Filters launches VisClear II for expanding chemicals market

17 June 2021

A UK filtration specialist is targeting the chemical processing and liquid coatings industries with the latest evolution of its meltblown filter cartridge range.

Amazon Filters’ VisClear II product is designed to strengthen the essential filtration processes behind the manufacture of many high-viscosity fluids. They include sealants, adhesives, paints, machine coolants, resins, inks, lacquers and waxes, all of which require optimum processing at high temperatures.

The launch comes as industry analysts forecast the global market in industrial coatings to grow from its current level of £60.5bn to £74.2bn in 2027, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 3%.

VisClear II cartridges have been developed as a direct retrofit for the traditional resin-bonded cartridges involved in making fluids at high temperatures and differential pressures.

While providing equivalent performance control to cope with high-viscosity manufacture, the depth-style VisClear II offers improved filtrate quality, higher overall cleanliness and longer filter life. As with the original VisClear filter, VisClear II is manufactured using Amazon Filters’ unique meltblown fibre processing system. This offers minimal fibre shed, an absolute requirement for making industrial-strength chemicals and coatings.

Crucially, VisClear II enhances the scope for operator safety by eliminating potential product contact during filter change-outs or cleaning. It also minimises the risk of contaminant loading. Neil Pizzey, Amazon Filters’ Managing Director, said: "Consistent filtration throughout the service life of a depth-style filter depends on how well its structure tolerates fluctuations in operating conditions.

"If it is flexible, such as a string-wound filter, it will tend to compress and change porosity with increased pressure. This can result in shorter filter life because the pores collapse and ultimately close. Compression can also cause the filter to release already held particles. VisClear II avoids all this. It has been deliberately built and optimised as a rigid structure that can handle high temperatures and differential pressures, so extending the life of downstream processes and offering an environmentally friendly solution.”

Extensive product development and testing with multiple manufacturers over the past year has demonstrated the value of VisClear II as a successful replacement of resin-bonded cartridges on a wide range of coatings and resins.

An automotive industry client in The Netherlands is using it to help make high-performance EPDM elastomer, while in Germany a paper producer has adopted it for the manufacture of alkyd resins for water-dilutable coatings.

Both clients report consistency in quality and performance, praising VisClear II’s strength and structural integrity.

In its report on the global industrial coatings market, US-based business-to-business analyst Grand View Research predicts rising demand over the coming years from sectors including general industrial, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, construction and marine.More information at

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