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20 February 2012

08 CHINA: TiO2
With ever-rising demands, China’s TiO2 market faces severe competition from the multinationals. CCM International reports on why, to stay ahead of the game, promoting new methods of marketing is key
10 India: ALL SYSTEMS GOIndia may be one of the most under-painted countries in the world but all that is about to change
12 Indonesia: TURNING GREEN
Environmental issues were a key focus at the recent Asia Coatings Markets conference with debates on cutting carbon emissions and using TiO2 more efficiently
14 Colour concepts
The changing requirements of paint manufacturers has created the opportunity to optimise colourant selections as discussed by Evonik
Rosa Raskin investigates the latest research into solutions to the age-old problem of blocking when formulating low-VOC coatings
24 A sensitive subject
Coatings expert Professor Rigoberto Advincula discusses
coatings with sensing or stimuli response
28 demand growing
With a smart anti-microbial coating available commercially this year, awareness of the value smart coatings can bring to the Asia Pacific region is increasing
30 managing energy
Eckart reveals that by using intelligent coating systems energy and cost savings are possible
32 SELF CROSS-LINKING acrylic emulsion
The latest generation of self cross-linking acrylic emulsions offer significant quality improvements to the final coating
Excalibur’s waterborne PU coating systems meet the needs of the industry
Dispersion polymer particles allow lower energy and raw material costs but still perform well according to Dow

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