Architectural coatings – Skim coat: foundation make-up for walls and ceilings

08 August 2022

Wacker highlights the role of VAE-based polymer binders in producing outstanding skim coats

First impressions matter. Walls are the primary elements in building structures and serve as a building envelope separating the indoor and outdoor worlds. Perceptions of aesthetics differ from one place to another. While western European walls are frequently subtly textured, the global inclination is for perfectly smooth surfaces. Applied just a few millimetres thick, a skim coat removes undulations and evens façades, ceilings and walls to provide a smoother base for paint application, resulting in an appealing, unblemished finish that is robust and longlasting. Both cementitious and non-cementitious approaches incorporating polymer binders in the form of a powder or dispersion can achieve this kind of flawless appearance. Modification with VAE-based polymer binders provides a high degree of formulation freedom, allowing the skim coat to be used both inside and outside and creating a smooth surface with great adhesion on different substrates such as concrete, blockwork, renders and thermal insulation system surfaces.

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