Arkema achieves mass balance ISCC+ certification at its acrylic monomers production facility in Taixing, China

26 January 2024

Arkema, a leader in speciality materials, has reached another significant milestone in the decarbonisation of its acrylic production chain, as the company obtains ISCC+ certification for its acrylic acid and ester production facility located in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, China.

“Developing bio-attributed materials using a mass balance* approach is a fast and complementary pathway to support our customers in the region with drop-in high-performance solutions, more circular sourcing and to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,” said Hervé Castres Saint Martin, Global Group President, Acrylic Monomers.

In the near future, the production of certified bio-attributed materials will extend** to North America, complementing the previously certified acrylic monomers production in Carling, France. This global dynamic will support the progressive introduction of Arkema’s complete range of bio-attributed speciality resins and additives for the low VOC and lower carbon intensive technologies including high solid, waterborne, UV/LED, and polyester powders.


Arkema starts up its specialty UV/LED curing resins’ capacity expansion in China

This leading offer will enable customers and global partners to develop next generation sustainable materials for specialty coatings & adhesives applications in electronics, electric vehicle batteries, new energies, 3D printing, as well as home energy efficiency and living comfort improvement.

“This achievement reflects another stride in Arkema’s global initiative to support the shift towards a more circular and lower carbon economy,” said Alan Koo, Regional President, Acrylic Monomers Asia.

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