Arkema unveils its new solutions for recyclable and ever more efficient composites

03 May 2022

As a major player in the composite sector, Arkema is once again launching at this year’s JEC edition (May 03-05) new adhesives solutions, advanced resins as well as showing its range of semi-finished products. All innovations and product range are guided by the same goal: Innovative materials for a sustainable world.

At the exhibition Bostik is showcasing the Pliogrip range of 2-component polyurethane and epoxy structural adhesives for composite bonding. The Performance Adhesives team at Bostik will be available to discuss the classic Pliogrip products as well as new innovative MDIii Free technology for structural bonding applications. Bostik will also highlight its newly launched R-SAF range, a new generation of recyclable structural MMA adhesives. This range can be recycled together with Elium® resin-based composites, through mechanical or chemical processes, allowing the Group to offer a unique solution for truly circular composites. Finally, for the first time, Bostik presents the repair of a cracked bumper with Bostik® XPU20102 Ultrafast Black with low monomer, a solution that allows repairing instead of replacing and is thus fully in line with Bostik’s approach to offer solutions that act as sustainability enablers.

Arkema offers unique and patented toughening technology for composites and structural adhesives with its brands clearstrength® and sartomer® .

The new Clearstrength® XT 151 MBS toughener will be featured, an easily dispersible powder that provides outstanding viscosity control and toughening effects to high performance epoxy formulations. This new solution is part of the CLEARSTRENGTH® XT powders range for thermosetting resins which provides

  • High durability
  • Best-in-market dispersion for optimal properties
  • Higher production capabilities
  • Lower energy costs

Arkema will also introduce the new liquid Sartomer® Advanced tough resins, ready-to-use solutions that disperse very easily, enabling formulators to reach new levels of durability achieving very high toughness while improving the flexibility of their systems. The Sartomer® range of products also features reactive diluents, crosslinkers, and binders, as well as renewable based solutions that enhance the performance and lower VOC content of thermoset, thermoplastic and bio composites.

Arkema’s partner, Continuous Composites, will showcase its revolutionary Continuous Fiber 3D Printing technology, CF3D®, advancing the development of 3D composite manufacturing and leveraging Arkema’s N3xtDimension® photocurable liquid thermoset resins. Together, the two companies enable high-end materials solutions for strong, lightweight and high temperature structures.

Arkema composites are also semi-finished products
With its high-performance polymer Kepstan® PEKK, Arkema has joined forces with 9T Labs (Zurich), a startup specialising in 3D printing and thermoplastic composites. 9T Labs has developed a technology to automate the manufacture of composites using additive manufacturing (AM), as well as advanced software algorithms. Arkema’s range also includes overmoulding solutions with Kepstan® PEKK grades reinforced with carbon fibres that can be transformed through injection. This technology combines the performance of continuous fibre composites with the geometric complexity that injection moulding allows over short cycle times. The process also allows simultaneous stamping of the continuous fibre substrate, and the excellent cohesion between the composite and overmoulded parts is ensured by the continuity of the Kepstan® PEKK polymer matrix. Arkema also provides a range of semi-finished products in the form of unidirectional carbon fibre tapes impregnated with high-performance thermoplastic resins, grouped under the UDXTM brand. The polymers used to make UDXTM pre-impregnated thermoplastics are Rilsan® PA11, Rilsan® Matrix PPA, Kepstan® PEKK, or Kynar® PVDF , depending on the application and performance requirements:

  • 100% bio-sourced Rilsan® polyamide 11 provides durability, flexibility, and chemically and mechanically resistant solutions, especially to impacts. Target markets include sports and leisure, consumer goods, and transportation;
  • Rilsan® Matrix polyphthalamide has very good mechanical performance even under hot and humid conditions. The main dedicated markets include structural automotive parts, transportation, and energy storage (gas storage tanks);
  • Kepstan® PEKK has exceptional resistance to impacts, heat, and highly aggressive chemical products. The target market is mainly the aerospace industry;
  • Kynar® PVDF thermoplastic resin has excellent mechanical properties, as well as strong resistance to corrosion and fire. The target market is mainly the oil and gas industry.

Elium®: the solution for recyclable composite
The Elium® liquid thermoplastic resin is perfectly suited to manufacture any composite parts and deliver the same performances as those made from thermoset resins with an added unique benefit: recyclability.

A 62m long recyclable wind blade
The world’s largest 100% recyclable blade made from Elium® thermoplastic resin has been successfully made this year within the ZEBRA consortium led by IRT Jules Verne. The Elium® resin is perfectly suited to the manufacture of large parts by resin infusion like wind blade. Composite components made of Elium® resin can be recycled using advanced recycling methods developed by Arkema. These methods are tested on all composite parts, including the waste generated by the production of this prototype blade.

Fullyrecyclablecomposite sailing boat
The Ecoracer 769, a 7.8m long sailing boat, is eco designed and manufactured by Northern Light Composites. Using natural or recycled fibres, recyclable core and Elium® resin, the boat is easily recyclable at the end of its life, giving owners a new possibility to sail truly respecting the environment. The boat will be shown at this year’s JEC edition at the Industry Planet Hall 5 booth G97.

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