Asahi Kasei launches next-generation concept car

08 August 2022

As the automotive industry continues to drive for change, a new prototype is announced that will tour shows all around the world

Asahi Kasei has been celebrating the centenary anniversary of its establishment on May 25, 1922. Simultaneously, the organisation has announced the release of a next-generation concept car, AKXY2™ (pronounced “ax-ee”), that re-imagines how values for sustainability, satisfaction and society will influence the needs of future mobility on the road to automation and electrification in a changing society. The concept car is equipped with a vast assortment of value-adding technologies that exemplify how Asahi Kasei’s 100 years of collective innovation across the material industry is contributing to present and future mobility.

“Aside from advancements in legislation, evolving demands from customers are causing OEMs to tear down existing processes in favour of safer, more comfortable and more sustainable vehicles, answering the needs of diverse end users,” comments Heiko Rother, General Manager of Automotive Business Development at Asahi Kasei Europe. “We need to act fast. Our recent survey from November 2021 shows that 50% of car users in the four major automotive markets – the USA, Germany, Japan and China – will choose a different brand to the one they currently own. The materials used in the car are a key enabler for multiple differentiating factors and user experience beyond drivetrain or driving performance – whether visible or not.”

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