Axalta releases annual Vibes colour journal for architecture and design industry

09 June 2023

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global coatings company, has released its annual Vibes colour journal, which charts the evolution of colour and texture in architecture and design. Security and connection with nature are two key themes highlighted within this year’s journal.

Vibes reveals the emergence of colour palettes influenced by concepts such as ‘grounding ourselves through colour’ and ‘the reassuring power of nature’. Colour trend research shows that colours based on age-old materials such as timber or terracotta ensure even the most ambitious structures feel grounded. Rooting modernity within the timelessness of such materials reinforces a connection with the earth, which conjures feelings of depth and stability. Notable examples include powder coating finishes like Metallic Earth, Opal Grey and Archival Blue.

The ‘reassuring power of nature’ theme draws inspiration from nature’s designs, where rich red browns and sienna tones bring warmth and texture to metal surfaces, drawing people in while emphasing stability. Earthly tones contrast brilliantly with silver flashes and metallic finishes which alude to further galaxies, bringing a celestial feel that emphasises a connection to both earth and the wider cosmos. The interplay between these divergent points of view encourages both communal interactions and moments Sally Put, Global ColourDesign & Communication Manager, said: “Our annual Vibes trend report aims to highlight the changing role of colour and texture, and how these trends play out across architecture and design. By reinforcing our findings with practical examples of best practice and expert analysis, our goal is to provide readers with valuable insights that they can apply to their own work. This aligns with our wider mission to help create a more sustainable future, which can be achieved through smarter designs that withstand the test of time.”

Vibes also highlights the 10 most popular colours from 2022, drawing on data from architects and designers using the Axalta COLOURit digital tool. The tool provides a snapshot of trends and patterns of experimental thinking that have emerged in response to global events. Popular colours such as finely textured greens, earth browns, and various shades of warm golds, speak volumes about the collective mood, highlighting the desire for a stronger bond with nature.

All colours and textures identified in the journal are available in Axalta’s range of Alesta® SD, SuperDurable powder coatings. These products help customers achieve outstanding aesthetics and surface protection, while contributing towards LEED® certification scores and sustainability goals.

In a conscious effort to reduce its carbon footprint in line with Axalta’s wider commitment to environmental responsibility, this year’s Vibes colour journal is only accessible in a digital format. Available for download here, Vibes provides a useful reference point for the colour trends that are shaping the world of architecture and design.

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