BASF 2015 popular auto colours

12 February 2016

In BASF’s European Color Report for Automotive OEM Coating, BASF’s Coatings division has presented the colour distribution for 2015. BASF, Europe’s market leader for colour development for automotive OEM coating, provides detailed evidence for the consumers’ favourite colours. For example, the report shows that there are distinct differences between the individual automotive segments with respect to colour. The smaller the car, the wider the colour range, while larger cars more frequently feature special effects.

Throughout Europe, white is the most frequent colour used for automotive finishes. Since 2007, the percentage of white vehicles has risen continuously and now stands at 30%. Together with black, grey and silver, these ‘uncolourful’ finishes account for more than 75% of the colours used for new cars. While the use of this colour range has remained steady in recent years, considerable changes have evolved among the chromatic colours. In this area, blue stands out as the most popular colour on Europe’s roads and this is true for all types of cars. Red and brown are also frequently represented, with brown especially popular for SUVs and red for small and mid-sized cars.

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