BASF to extend pigment portfolio for automotive coatings

16 June 2015

BASF has now added a particularly colour-intensive Indanthrone blue pigment – the Paliogen® Blue EH 1900 (L 6400).

With this new pigment, BASF enables its customers to produce highly chromatic reddish-blue color shades. The product can also be combined with various effect pigments. "Paliogen Blue EH 1900 provides a lot of benefits for the user: Showing an excellent performance in water- and solvent-based systems, it is universally applicable. The product not only stands out due to its good fastness to weathering, but also due to a reduced tendency ‘to bleed’: The pigment particles do not migrate into other coating layers, which results in better overcoating fastness,” explained Tom Landuydt, Head of Pigment Marketing for Automotive Coatings at BASF. "Moreover the pigment shows great styling possibilities with Lumina® Royal Blue 6803 H and with Lumina Royal Aqua 7803 H.”

New designs made possible by Lumina® Royal Magenta EH 5000 (4803 H)

Using pigments with a broad colour range that enable to develop novel designs – this is what coatings producers favour. With its new effect pigment Lumina Royal Magenta EH 5000 (4803 H) BASF offers formulators of automotive coatings novel design options all the way from the reddish-blue colour spectrum into the red colour area.

Due to the narrow particle-size distribution, the pigment helps to create highly chromatic new colour shades, as well as surfaces that appear extremely pure and vibrant at whatever angle you look at them. "With Lumina Royal Magenta, we have extended the colour range of the Lumina Royal product series. These highly intense pearlescent pigments help our customers to be more flexible when it comes to formulating automotive coatings as we can now offer effects from the greenish blue into the copper orange color space,” underlined Tom Landuydt.

Lumina Royal Magenta is the fifth member of the Lumina Royal product family of BASF. Prior to this, BASF has already launched the four colour shades Aqua, Blue, Indigo and Copper.

The colour-intensive Irgazin® Cosmoray Orange L 2950 supports the orange-red colour trend globally

For years now, the particularly colour-intensive Irgazin® Cosmoray Orange L 2950 pigment has been well established in the European marketplace. Due to successful registrations in the other continents the product can now be utilised in the most important markets worldwide. The pigment enables coatings producers to create attractive design options in the orange to red colour space. The high-performance diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole (DPP) pigment appeals to customers due to its good weather resistance, light fastness, colour intensity and saturation properties.

Because of its good transparency Irgazin Cosmoray Orange L 2950 is ideal to combine with effect pigments and other coloured pigments. It can be used for water-based as well as solvent-based systems and has no effect on the coating’s rheology and migration resistance.

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