Bayer MaterialScience’s PDI delivers first bio-based crosslinker for polyurethanes

23 April 2015

Customers are increasingly demanding products based on renewable raw materials. Environmental compatibility is becoming a market requirement. At the European Coatings Show (April 21-23), Bayer MaterialScience is showcasing a milestone in this field: Pentamethylene diisocyanate (PDI) is a new isocyanate, 70% of whose carbon content comes from biomass without generating any direct competition for food production.
With this addition to its portfolio, Bayer can, for the first time, offer its customers an eco-friendly hardener component, which for them is a key differentiating factor. A comprehensive technology platform is currently being developed to evaluate additional uses for PDI-based raw materials in coatings, adhesives and other applications.
Commercial manufacturing is due to start in 2016 with a capacity of up to 20,000t/yr. These products will be manufactured in existing plants using energy-efficient gas-phase technology.
• The company is also presenting new polyaspartic raw materials for solvent-free coating formulations that can be applied with a roller. They are so flexible that they can even bridge cracks that have formed in concrete.
This property is particularly important for floor coating applications in the outdoor areas of buildings. Without a protective coating, moisture can penetrate the concrete and cause frost damage. Bayer has developed and submitted a patent application for a new hardener with very low viscosity. Thanks to the rapid curing process, several layers of such polyaspartic coatings can be applied in a single day, using standard equipment. The coating is applied at room temperature and the surface can be walked on again after just a few hours. This minimises downtime on construction sites and saves money.

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