Benjamin Moore selects Blue Nova as Color of the Year 2024

25 October 2023

Blue is a colour that brings out so many emotions, from a sense of nature to one of space and adventure. Blue Nova 825, the Color of the Year 2024 for Benjamin Moore, captures that wide range of possibilities beautifully.

“Blue Nova is an intriguing blend of blue and violet that sparks adventure, elevates the everyday and expands horizons,” Hannah Yeo, Color Marketing and Development Manager at Benjamin Moore, observed. “An alluring mid-tone balances depth and intrigue with classic appeal and reassurance, Blue Nova is a great fit for use in a study or home office. Moreover, the hue is flexible enough to be an excellent colour choice for a bedroom, living room, ceiling, or even cabinetry.”

Yeo said that Benjamin Moore’s Color Marketing & Development team spends months researching, recording observations, and sharing a wide array of ideas that are ultimately synthesized to guide the curation of the Color Trends palette and select the Color of the Year, in this case Blue Nova.


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“Over the years we have seen a progression towards warmer, more saturated colours, and there has been a progression of blue throughout the past Color Trends palettes,” Yeo noted. “We felt that 2024 was the right time to highlight an intriguing blue that balances the desire for adventure with contentment.”

“In post-pandemic times especially, a major source of colour inspiration for so many people is travel, whether it’s a road trip to a nearby destination or as far as outer space,” added Yeo. “This year’s Color of the Year & Color Trends 2024 palette invite consumers to explore the extraordinary and spark adventure that brings us to new places and experiences. Whether near or far, we want to encourage people to explore their surroundings and collect the color memories that shape the spaces they’ll create at home.”

To emphasise the sense of adventure and outer space as well as inspire future generations about STEM education and careers in the space industry, Benjamin Moore announced the choice of Blue Nova at Blue Origin’s Orbital Launch Site in Cape Canaveral, FL. Together with Blue Origin and its nonprofit Club for the Future, Benjamin Moore will create new designs at local community hospitals, create space-themed experiences for future events, and more.

Blue Nova is part of Benjamin Moore’s latest Color Trends palette for 2024, which offers 10 hues, including White Dove OC-17; Pristine OC-75; Topaz 070; Teacup Rose 2170-50; Honeybee CSP-950; Regent Green 2136-20; Antique Pewter 1560; Polar Sky 1674; and Hazy Lilac 2116-40 .

“The Color Trends 2024 Palette tells a story of duality– juxtaposing light against dark, warm and cool, showcasing complementary and contrasting colour pairings,” said Yeo. “By exploring relationships on the colour wheel, the palette interprets fresh takes on more familiar complements and contrasts that can help consumers feel more comfortable incorporating more color in their spaces. Blue Nova 825 pairs exceptionally with its contrasting palette hue, Topaz 070.”


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Last year, Benjamin Moore selected Raspberry Blush as its Color of the Year 2023. Yeo said that Blue Nova and the  Color Trends 2024 palette offers a beautiful mix of soft and bold hues that follows last year’s choice well.

“Moving beyond softer, more organic colours in 2021 and 2022, we encouraged the use of bolder colour like Raspberry Blush 2008-30 in 2023,” Yeo pointed out.  “Blue Nova 825 and the rest of the Color Trends 2024 palette blends the soft and bold hues, resulting in well-balanced mid-tone hues.

“Blue Nova 825 offers an opportunity to be creative, whether it is used to colour drench a room or define a portion of it, in a way that is approachable for consumers. Along with Blue Nova 825, the Color Trends 2024 palette helps blend traditional and modern design styles, creating a true presence in the home in a way that’s captivating and attainable,” Yeo added.

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