Berger showcases its advanced marine paints at fifth Bangladesh Marine Expo

18 October 2023

The fifth edition of Bangladesh International Marine and Offshore Expo, the country’s prime business platform that covers all aspects of shipbuilding, maritime engineering and offshore technology, ended last Saturday at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in Dhaka.

Among the wide array of products showcased at the event, Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd (BPBL) stood out with its advanced marine paints.

Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) joined forces with the internationally acclaimed Japanese brand Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) in 2020 to introduce high-performance marine coatings and related industrial paints, thus raising the standard of the products available in Bangladesh.

The product ranges offered under the collaboration of Berger and CMP include universal high-build epoxy primers, epoxy tie coats, synthetic resin-based single-component tie coats, hydrolysis type and self-polishing type antifouling, epoxy topcoat, alkyd topcoat, polyurethane topcoat, high-build alkyd primer, high heat-resistant paint, and other improved materials.


Architectural coatings in Bangladesh and Nepal

For long-lasting protection, Sea-going vessels, export vessels, class vessels and other riverine vessels require a superior standard of coatings. Berger has enabled local manufacturers to avail a global standard for the longevity of their vessels. This initiative also benefited the local shipbuilding industry by decreasing lead time, increasing operational efficiency, and lowering import expenses and hassles. The product quality has been ensured by both Berger and Chugoku through extensive quality checks and thorough supervision.

Berger Paints additionally offers a comprehensive range of Marine products including Seaborne, Berger Marine and Seaborne Plate Guard. These product lines are specifically designed to provide effective protection for various vessels.The advanced marine paints originally formulated and developed by Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) have been certified by world-renowned standards authorities.

BPBL’s CMP certification includes PSPC Type approval, FDA and SOLAS Certification for BANNOH 1500 in the Primer category, PSPC Type approval Certification for BANNOH 1500 RZ in the Tie Coat category, TBT Free Certification for SEATENDER 10, SEAGRANDPRIX 330HS in the Antifouling category, SOLAS Fire Retardant Certification for EPICON FINISH HB, EVAMARINE, UNYMARINE, BANNOH 1500, SILVA SPAR, ROSWAN QD HB in the Top Coats category, and PSPC Type approval certified for Ballast Water Tank and Cargo Oil Tank for EPICON T-5OO in the Tank Liners category. Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is the licensed manufacturer of these CMP products.

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