Blue-coloured applicator friendly resins from Allnex

07 October 2014

UV-cured, field-applied floor coatings (UV FACs) are attractive because they offer not only high performance but also immediate return to service, which translates to time and cost savings for the building owner. However, because the clarity of UV-cured coatings is so high, it can be challenging for applicators to differentiate between the cured and uncured portions of the floor.
New blue-coloured Ucecoat 7892 and Ebecryl 894 resins for UV-cured field-applied coatings solve this issue. Coatings formulated with either resin are blue when first applied but become clear upon exposure to UV light. As a result, it is easy for applicators to ensure that the entire floor receives an even application of the coating and that all areas have been exposed to UV light.

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