Building Success Together: REDA Chemicals at MECS 2024 – 30 years anniversary edition

17 April 2024

REDA Chemicals, a leading distributor of speciality chemicals, is proud to be exhibiting at the Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) 2024. Our unique focus lies in serving the specific needs of manufacturers across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. With a robust network of over 100 strategically located facilities, including sales offices, warehouses and laboratories, we meet the diverse needs of thousands of customers.  

REDA collaborates with a network of leading speciality chemical manufacturers, including Dow, JRS, Imerys, Aldoro, United Initiators, Budenheim, Optichem, Optidur, Lanxess, Pritty, Voxco, Madhu Silica, Wacker, Apcotex, FCC, Optichem (Jebel Ali), Revex, Peter Greven, PQ, Tolsa, and more*. This extensive portfolio allows us to provide you with a comprehensive selection of high-quality products such as silicones, emulsions, resins, additives, defoamer, coalescing agents, biocides & preservatives, pigments, thickeners, pH regulators, plasticisers, waxes, fumed silica, antioxidants, specialty solvents, and many more! 

Additionally, our technical teams work closely with you in our laboratories or ensure the engagement of our widely experienced partners to optimise formulations for better quality production and cost-benefits.  


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Our customer service, in co-ordination with our sales teams, ensures a smooth supply chain for our customers. We make sure that the products are in our warehouse to call off deliveries and we constantly review the frequency of purchase and ascertain our customers never run out of raw materials. We also monitor and track your direct shipments and keep you informed of the progress at every stage.  

We add value with our repackaging services and in-house blending facilities to ensure top-notch quality and innovation across our product range. REDA Chemicals actively promotes your brands through targeted industry and marketing initiatives, implementing effective strategies to engage with customers. 

Our team is excited to engage with you! Join us as Booth Z6 A41 and let’s discuss your specific needs. 

 *We do not represent all Business Units from the mentioned partners.

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