BYK honoured as “Innovation Company of the Year” by Ringier

16 June 2023

 Every year, the “Ringier Technology Innovation Award” recognises the most innovative products as well as the most innovative company of the year. 

On May 31 this year, BYK received the prestigious “Innovation Company of the Year” award in Shanghai in recognition of the company’s commitment to differentiated and pioneering solutions. This is the second time that BYK has received this prestigious distinction since 2017. 

In addition, BYK’s new-style non-dusting associative thickeners RHEOBYK- 7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 stood out, winning the “Technology Innovation Award” for their excellent product properties covering the entire shear range and for being environmentally friendly. The two awards were handed over in person to Dr. Jia Cheng, R&D Surface Lab Manager, and Becky Zhang, Head of Decorative Coatings Lab in China. 

RHEOBYK-7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 are solid associative thickeners based on HEUR technology with a unique delivery form. They are supplied as flakes, which prevent dust formation and can still be perfectly incorporated directly or via a pregel. Furthermore, the solid delivery form means that they do not require the addition of biocides to prevent microbial infestation and that they are eco-friendly. Due to their excellent product properties, RHEOBYK-7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 are recommended for use in a wide range of coatings applications, as well as in adhesives and sealants. 

The world is changing rapidly. This also applies in particular in the coatings market, with the shift from solvent-based to water-based coatings as a result of the long-term trend towards greener products. More than 50% of BYK’s research and development activities focus on additives that help customers formulate environmentally friendly products. 

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