BYK-P 9065 and BYK-P 9051 win awards

18 January 2013

At the recent China Composite Expo in Shanghai, BYK presented its latest processing additives and application development for the composite industry. The CCE-JEC Innovation Awards were presented for the eighth year in a row, with 32 composite products/solutions from 30 companies nominated and 10 of them winning the final awards for their innovations in three categories: ‘Raw Materials’, ‘New Applications’ and ‘Process & Equipment’.

BYK Additives & Instruments won the ‘Raw Materials’ category with BYK-P 9065 and BYK-P 9051, multifunctional processing additives, which work as internal mould release agents and can improve the surface quality of moulded parts, facilitating the moulding process and minimising the scrap rate of SMC/BMC products.

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