Cabot Corporation’s Enova® Aerogel enables Aerolon thermal insulation coatings

02 May 2012

Tnemec Company, Inc, is introducing Aerolon, a new insulative coating that features Cabot Corporation’s Enova aerogel. The new product made its debut at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.

Aerolon is designed for industrial customers that use pipes, tanks or steel in industrial facilities such as refineries and processing plants. The new coating goes beyond just providing superior thermal efficiency performance. It also increases workplace safety and prolongs the lifetime of equipment.

The enabling technology to Aerolon is Cabot’s Enova aerogel, one of the best insulating solids in the world. Cabot’s Enova aerogel is the additive of choice for formulations requiring ultra-low thermal conductivity. Compared to traditional materials used in insulative coatings such as glass and ceramic spheres, Enova aerogel has the lowest thermal conductivity on the market.

By utilising aerogel, the world’s best insulating solid, Tnemec has developed Aerolon, the next generation of thermal insulation coating that is shown to provide:

Worksite safety and protection – provides a burn protection barrier that helps prevent serious worksite accidents.
Ultra-low heat transfer – dramatically more efficient than other thermal insulative coatings providing more energy savings in the same space.
Corrosion resistance – hydrophobic coating bonds directly to material, preventing gaps where corrosion can begin.
Fast application – higher build coats in less time mean lower labor costs and quick return to service.
"Enova aerogel enables a new class of Highly Thermally Insulative Coatings (HiTICs) to be produced that deliver the performance of traditional insulation and the flexibility of a coating in a single product,” says James Pidhurney, global commercial manager of Cabot Aerogel’s coatings business. "The collaboration between Cabot Aerogel and Tnemec fills the unmet need for safety and energy efficiency in the industrial market.”

Cabot Aerogel will also exhibit in booth #211 at the American Coatings Show the following week, May 8-10 in Indianapolis, IN.

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