Capelle welcomes Lysopac Yellow

01 December 2015

To complete the yellow shade space in its Benzimidazolone-based pigment offering, Cappelle Pigments has launched Lysopac Yellow 9410C. This PY194 is a green shade yellow with excellent hiding ability and high colour strength.

Lysopac Yellow 9410C closes the colour space gap between Lysopac 5110C (PY151) and Lysopac Yellow 5410C (PY154).

Due to the much better performance in hiding power, colour strength and clean shade than current available products, this grade enables a lower cost formula in its final application.

The excellent light and weather fastness properties means that Lysopac 9410C can be used in a wide range of industrial coating applications like powder coatings, water- and solvent-based paints, as well as in isocyanate cured systems and amine cured epoxies.

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