Cappelle Pigments introduces a new range Lysopure

09 December 2014

Cappelle Pigments introduces a new range of products called Lysopure with high chemical purity quality.

Cappelle Pigments introduces a new range of products called "Lysopure” with high chemical purity quality.

Primary aromatic amines (PAA), which naturally occur as contaminants in azo-pigments, may pose a health risk if they migrate into food from coloured food contact materials (packaging, napkins,…). To minimise the risk of potential exposure to harmful substances subject to migration (eg carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic, skin irritant or sensitisation substances) Cappelle Pigments introduces the Lysopure grades of high chemical purity quality.

As exposure to primary aromatic amines and other impurities should be minimised to the lowest possible level, Lysopure pigments are especially developed to fulfil these strict criteria by ensuring the highest possible purity level.

Current products launched are:

PY13: Lysopure Yellow 1318C
PO34: Lysopure Orange 3428C
PR184: Lysopure Red 8438C

According to the European Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 (Annex II), food contact materials shall not release primary aromatic amines in a detectable quantity into food (ie <10µg PAA/kg food or food simulant)

This is also in agreement with the Swiss ordinance on Materials and Articles, 817.023.21, annex1.III.6.

By critical selection of raw materials and implementation of most stringent production methods, Cappelle Pigments is capable of producing high purity grades serving critical applications as inks for food contact, subject to the regulations described above.

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