Clariant to showcase new portfolio of industrial coatings and PTFE-free additives at ChinaCoat 2023

15 November 2023

ChinaCoat 2023 in Shanghai sets the stage for Clariant to showcase its latest solutions dedicated to more sustainable and effective formulations and coating applications that help safeguard public health and the environment.

New portfolio of wetting and dispersing agents for industrial coatings applications

The coatings industry continues to grow strongly in China, experiencing a strong recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic. This growth is being driven by demand in industries such as export and construction for coating applications that offer both higher efficiency and better performance. To meet these needs, Clariant offers dedicated solutions with features including improved corrosion resistance and reduced formulation viscosity consistently achieved across changing systems.

“At ChinaCoat 2023 look out for our high-performance additives that address various formulation challenges in the fields of 1K acrylic “direct to metal”, or DTM, and 2k-epoxy primers or mid-layers, found in applications such as container coatings, transportation and construction equipment. For paint manufacturers of water-based industrial coatings, we offer multi-functional WDAs with higher flexibility according to their requirements,” said Sebastian Prock, Clariant’s Head of Marketing, Industrial Applications, BU Care Chemicals.

ClariCoat in China – a one stop additive shop

To make it easier to find the right additives Clariant has launched a new Chinese version of its ClariCoat digital platform, also on display at Clariant’s booth at ChinaCoat.

The novel web application for paints and coatings specialists who face challenges with their paint formulations provides customized solutions for a holistic range of performance criteria such as liquid paint stability, workability and sustainability. The digital tool is particularly valuable for formulators who want advice on additives as the trend to shift towards water-based paint systems continues in the industry.


View from the US: Don’t look now, but PFAS is EVERYWHERE!

Meeting growing demand on PTFE-free solutions

In addition to performance and sustainability, compliance with regulatory requirements is a growing concern for the coatings industry as a whole. For example, the use of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in ink formulations and coating applications has been regulated in the EU, the US and Japan, creating the need for PTFE-free alternatives. Clariant’s growing portfolio of PTFE-free solutions are a highlight at ChinaCoat 2023.

“We are excited to share the ongoing evolution of coatings and inks, driven in part by our novel additive solutions, which have given us the choice of PTFE-free alternatives in construction, furniture and other applications. We are proud of our PTFE-free alternatives, like Ceridust® 8170 M, demonstrating our corporate dedication to minimizing environmental impact,” says Ray Gonzales, Clariant’s Head of marketing Coatings & Adhesives, BU Adsorbents and Additives.

The Ceridust 8170 M is an innovative PTFE-free texturing agent for powder coatings. It has the added benefit of reduced energy consumption during the powder coating extrusion process and complies with the EU’s REACH legislation in addition to also being PFAS-free.

In addition to Ceridust 8170 M, Ceridust 8330 is a feature at ChinaCoat as a PTFE-free alternative with excellent abrasion resistance. This unique bio-based additive, made from a renewable resource, is a breakthrough for various coatings and inks, exhibiting superior rub resistance properties compared to conventional wax-based products. It can be incorporated in both water and solvent-based coating systems and formulations using Ceridust 8330 can achieve similar or superior performance compared to PTFE-containing materials, leading to more efficient ink usage.

Clariant will be exhibiting at booth A01, Hall E4 during the ChinaCoat 2023, 15-17 November at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Clariant’s team of technology and customer service specialists will be on hand to give full product highlights and answer any questions.

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