Cortec launches a water reducible high gloss enamel

06 March 2013

Cortec has launched VpCI-390, a water reducible high gloss enamel that provides excellent adhesion, durability and overall performance. Designed for product finishing (OEM), maintenance and refinishing operations, it offers the same glossy finish as well as scratch, scuff and water resistance provided by traditional alkyd enamels without the use of harsh and costly solvents.

VpCI-390 is VOC compliant and free of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), making it safer than oil-based alkyd enamels.

Available in custom colours, it is intended for air and force-dry industrial coatings for construction and agricultural equipment, valve manufacturing or under-bonnet automotive.

It can be applied with conventional or airless spray to bare or primed metal surfaces such as: industrial machinery, racks, cranes, gas cylinders, utility trailers and metal containers. For best results with aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel; apply a primer such as Cortec’s VpCI-373 before coating.

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