Cortec presents EcoClean VpCI-434G and VpCI-434L eco-friendly paint, graffiti and gasket removers

21 January 2015

Cortec has added two safer and super-effective products to its eco-friendly and sustainable product lines. EcoClean VpCI-434G and VpCI-434L are rapidly biodegradable, non-corrosive, low-toxicity, eco-friendly paint and graffiti strippers that were designed for a wide range of industrial paint removal applications, as well as being an efficient gasket remover. EcoClean VpCI-434G & L were formulated using environmentally safe benzyl alcohol to replace toxic methylene chloride type paint removers, which are now banned.

EcoClean VpCI-434G is formulated to be a smooth flowing gel that provides vertical cling to surfaces for the toughest stripping projects and EcoClean VpCI-434L is a liquid solution. The stripper uses special wetting agents to penetrate deep into coatings, breaking them down and softening for easy removal of inks, acrylics, 2K and 1K urethanes, alkyds, lacquers, varnishes and adhesives.

EcoClean VpCI-434G & L are effective on metal tanks andpipes, spray booths, structural supports, spray equipment, machine tools, railcars, vehicles, aeroplanes, etc.

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