Covestro and Delta Coatings demonstrate durability of polyurea-based linings for man-made shorelines

11 April 2024

This case study takes a deep dive into how a Dubai-based company was tasked with providing a durable protective lining for the shoreline and walkaways of one of the largest man-made lagoons in Dubai, including how they met demanding project specifications, ranging from the need for a highly durable solution, meeting tight project deadlines, through to how they delivered a finish with aesthetic appeal

As an award-winning coatings system house, Delta Coatings International, headquartered in Dubai, is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of best-in-class, polyurea-based construction coatings with over two decades experience. Together with its German-based, principal material supply partner, Covestro AG, Delta Coatings formulated a fast curing, aliphatic polyurea elastomeric coating technology that facilitated completion of this vast residential lagoon project in only six months, showcasing durability credentials that will see this protective lining solution last for many decades.

Project background

Waterproofing of MBR City’s iconic lagoon

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is constantly expanding. One of its recent developments is District One, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City (MBR City), which is spread across 1,100 acres of lush greenery. At the heart of MBR City is its iconic man-made lagoon – central to the residential complexes visual appeal.

As part of this concept, the developers specified that the central lagoon needed a bright, decorative, seamless lining system for its entire shoreline, as well as its podiums and walkways. Custom construction coatings solution provider, Delta Coatings was tasked with providing this bespoke system.


Protecting 20,000m²

Speed was essential in this project. To be ready for the launch of this lagoon-flanked residential complex, Delta Coatings needed to not only customise the coating formulation and refine the recommended system, but also complete the application of this turnkey waterproofing project to the entire beach shoreline area of 20,000m2, in less than six months from start to finish.

Visual appeal

Aqua blue lagoon: critical to the visual appeal for this residential complex

Achieving this objective while delivering high-performance protective properties was another key challenge. To withstand heavy foot traffic, mechanical daily cleaning of sand and  debris, as well as coping with abrasion along the splash zones, it was critical that the coating provided high levels of durability, as well as waterproofing for the concrete substrate whilst always maintaining UV stability and colour fastness.


Manufacturing in the Middle East: PPCJ speaks to Delta Coatings


DELTAShield Aqualine AL 2K – Aliphatic Polyurea Technology System

To address these challenges, DELTA Coatings recommended their thick film, elastomeric aliphatic polyurea coating system, known as DELTAShield Aqualine AL 2K, to produce the required colour fast waterproofing and protective membrane.

This aliphatic polyurea technology has several advantages. Firstly, the coating is rapidly spray applied and can cure quickly at ambient temperatures, shortening application times, meaning follow-on trades can pass over the surface area within minutes of application without causing damage – shortening project timelines.

Waterproofing of splash zone areas of man-made lagoons

This new technology coating is applied as a one product, one application thick flexible coating with no need for a top coat. This  eliminates the risk of top coat delamination and uneven application patchiness that can plaque traditional top coat applications. Eliminating the need for a top coat further decreases the application time of the system.

Equally as important was the excellent resistance to UV, weather, and mechanical damages that the DELTAShield Aqualine AL 2K coating provided. This polyurea-based technology delivers an optimum balance between flexibility and tensile strength, while also offering excellent  colour fastness, impact and abrasion resistance.

Key system benefits

  • Very quick to apply: Spray applied in just one application to any thickness.
  • Fast curing: Reduces potential damage by weather and follow-on trades.
  • No requirement for a top coat: Eliminates top coat delamination issues and further reduces application times.
  • Highly protective:The UV resistant,  colour fast coating provides excellent abrasion and impact resistance enabling it to withstand mechanical damages.
  • Less layers: One product, one application, one layer.

Together, these properties enabled Delta Coatings to provide a highly protective, durable colour fast coating in time for the lagoon launch. As a result, MBR City residents can now enjoy beautiful walkways along the lagoon`s beaches for many years to come.

Fast facts

Project: District One, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City (MBR City)

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Specification: Waterproofing of splash zone areas of man-made lagoons

Total area: 20,000m2

Coatings system house: Delta Coatings International

Material supply partner: Covestro AG

Coating system delivered:

  • DELTAShield Prime 2K Sf, Primer
  • DELTAShield Aqualine AL 2K, Aliphatic Coating

For more information, visit Delta Coatings.

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