Covestro products in a new light

28 June 2019

The new Covestro Solution Center [] is online: a key component of Covestro’s digitalisation strategy is now being launched.

In the new Covestro Solution Center, more than 2000 Covestro products can be accessed via an intelligent search, which also includes numerous technical product features.

Customers can filter by product characteristics or application areas and compare products side by side, as well as application examples.

This helps innovation managers, designers, developers and purchasers to find what they are looking for even faster.

They obtain new insights and discover inspiring content.

The new website is strictly focused on the needs of the customers and supports them in all phases – from the initial idea to ordering the product.

In the Covestro Solution Center, customers can see all product features and examples of applications, download data sheets, compare products, make service requests, inquire samples, find the right contact persons and contact Covestro directly.

"Our vision is to create a modern and seamless experience across all digital interfaces," said Karsten Malsch, Program Manager of Digital Customer Journey at Covestro.

"The Solution Center is our main anchor. Now it’s time to get the customers on our website."

This is supported by the use of social media channels. Just recently, Covestro in China started a selective approach via WeChat – other regions and channels will follow.

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