Covestro wants to halve energy use by 2030

17 May 2016

Covestro has set itself another ambitious sustainability goal: The company wants to halve its energy use per tonne of manufactured products by 2030 relative to a baseline of 2005. Richard Northcote, Chief Sustainability Officer at Covestro, announced the undertaking on May 11 at the Energy Efficiency Global Forum in Washington DC, where Covestro joined the recently launched campaign ‘Energy Productivity 100’ (EP100).

The campaign is part of The Climate Group, an NGO with members including pioneers from the worlds of business, politics and society who are working together to lower emissions on the planet. The companies taking part in the EP100 are committed to demonstrating their roles as leaders in energy efficiency, to boost their energy productivity – in other words to increase economic output from the energy they use – and thus pave the way forward to a future of clean energy supplies. Covestro is one of the first companies to join the EP100 initiative and hopes to be seen by other businesses as a role model.

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