CSM and BASF establish JV

15 November 2012

BASF and Purac, a subsidiary of CSM, have announced they are establishing a joint venture (JV) for the production and sale of bio-based succinic acid. The company, called Succinity GmbH, will be operational in 2013.

BASF and CSM have been conducting research under a joint development agreement on succinic acid since 2009. The complementary strengths in fermentation and downstream processing led to the development of a sustainable and highly efficient manufacturing process based on a proprietary micro-organism. The bacterium used is Basfia succiniciproducens, which produces succinic acid through natural processes and is capable of metabolising a variety of renewable feedstocks into succinic acid. The two companies are currently modifying an existing fermentation facility, at Purac’s Montmélo site near Barcelona, Spain.

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