Cytec Reveals New Developments In Hyperdurable Powder Coatings

23 April 2012

Cytec Industries Inc is researching alternatives to fluorine-based architectural coatings. Roberto Cavalieri, Associate Scientist at Cytec, will discuss new findings about the use of hyperdurable powder coating resins as a suitable option at the upcoming ‘Architectural Coatings Conference’.

Powder coatings based on superdurable polyester represent the state-of-the-art for architectural coatings. However, in regions with high UV exposure such as in the USA, South East Asia and the Middle East, fluorine-based liquid or powder coatings are the preferred technology. Cytec is developing alternative routes in order to overcome the relatively higher cost and application limitations of fluorine-based resins while targeting powder paints with improved weathering resistance.

The results of Cytec’s research will be presented at 12 pm during the ‘Architectural Coatings Conference’ on April 25th. For more information about the conference, which is taking place in Berlin, Germany, visit

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