Dorfner partners with citrine informatics and revolutionises paint formulation work through AI

25 September 2023

Dorfner, a leading minerals supplier to the coatings industry, is proud to announce a groundbreaking milestone in its mission to enhance product formulations through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Through a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley-based Citrine Informatics, Dorfner has successfully integrated AI technology into its formulation process, resulting in remarkable improvements and impressive customer feedback.

By leveraging AI algorithms and advanced data analysis based on a decade of historical data, Dorfner has unlocked the potential to accelerate the optimisation of paint formulations, develop new raw materials and drive sustainable development. Dorfner can now identify optimal ingredient combinations, refine formulations and address customer requirements with greater precision and efficiency than ever before.


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“Dorfner is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Citrine, which has allowed us to revolutionise our formulation process. The last couple of years have proven increasingly challenging for raw materials suppliers and paint formulators, with the pandemic, difficulties in logistics and supply and the increasing cost of energy. We have invested a lot of resources in integrating the latest technologies into our formulation and development processes. The technical team has delivered impressive results, leveraging years of laboratory results, thanks to a systematic treatment of data throughout the years. Citrine’s dedicated platform and technical support gave us the best possible opportunity to combine data, formulation expertise and AI. Furthermore, our AI models will help us implementing our sustainability strategy,” said Peter Van Herzele, Head of the Business Unit Coating Solutions at Dorfner.

“This strategic initiative marks a significant step forward for Dorfner, solidifying its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the coatings industry,” added Mirko Mondan, CEO of Dorfner. “Dorfner is planning to roll out this technology to other business units in the future.”

“Citrine is excited to work with partners like Dorfner, who leverage the Citrine Platform to drive innovation and meaningfully differentiated value for their customers,” said Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics, “Through Citrine’s generative AI, global leaders like Dorfner unlock exceptional performance in their customers’ formulation development while simultaneously responding to shifting market demands in a fraction of the time previously thought possible.”

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