Dow Corning 8526 additive delivers effective levelling and slip performance

14 April 2015

Dow Corning Corporation has introduced a new levelling and slip agent to meet the need for performance-enhancing products that can be used in a wide range of coating systems.

Dow Corning® 8526 Additive is an easy-to-use, high-performance silicone polyether that provides good levelling and slip in waterborne, solventborne and radiation-curable paints and inks. The additive is compatible with a broad range of binder types. And because the materials in Dow Corning 8526 Additive are listed in the Swiss ordinance, the product is suitable for both food and nonfood applications.

"It can be challenging for formulators to achieve high performance in their coatings without proliferating their raw materials. This has created a need for products that can be used in a wider range of systems, binders and applications,” said Dow Corning Coatings Global Segment Leader Chris Wall. "Dow Corning 8526 Additive is so versatile that it enables formulators to meet virtually all of their slip and levelling performance needs with a single product.”

Dow Corning 8526 Additive is compatible with acrylic, epoxy, polyester and urethane formulations. Additionally, it can be diluted in alcohols, glycol ethers, aromatic solvents and water for greater formulation versatility.

The product’s effectiveness at low addition levels helps formulators reduce their formulation costs. Effectiveness at low addition levels also reduces unwanted side effects and enables good recoatability, so there are fewer rework concerns.

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