Dow to showcase innovations at 2015 Western Coatings Symposium

26 October 2015

Dow Coating Materials (DCM) and Dow Microbial Control (DMC), business units of The Dow Chemical Company, will discuss and showcase new and time-tested innovations in Las Vegas, Nevada Oct. 25-28 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino during the 2015 Western Coatings Symposium – Booth 200.

"Since we introduced acrylic emulsions as paint binders more than half a century ago, we continue to collaborate with formulators, contractors and end-users to develop sustainable and functional solutions that push performance boundaries,” said Sylvia Insogna, North America marketing director, Dow Coating Materials. "We’re excited to share new, low-VOC technologies that perform well across a range of applications and offer long-lasting results and easy maintenance.”

Of these new technologies, ROVACE™ 10 Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion was developed with both the formulator and contractor in mind. This new binder facilitates robust manufacturing wand handling properties. ROVACE™ 10 Emulsion can also be formulated to pass multiple Master Painters Institute (MPI) specifications.

"As regulations and specifications across the industry push performance requirements further beyond what today’s products can offer, we are eager to lead the way with innovative solutions that offer enhanced performance properties while solving significant challenges,” said Insogna.

One of those challenges may indeed be solved by another new innovation being unveiled at the show: RHOPLEX™ 800h Acrylic Binder. This new, ambient crosslinking binder improves the hardness profile of low- and ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) high-gloss and deep-tone paints. Additional benefits offered by this binder’s controlled polymer morphology include excellent print, tack and block resistance and improved feel properties.

These new architectural innovations join a growing list of new products launched by Dow earlier this year, including PARALOID™ Edge Isocyanate1-Free Technology, MAINCOTE™ AEH Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid Resin and ACRYSOL™ RM-725 Rheology Modifier, which can be combined with new ROVACE™ 10 Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion for excellent sag-flow balance.

"Whether it’s lowering VOC levels while maintaining or improving performance or taking hiding to a whole new level, Dow Coating Materials is deeply invested in accelerating progress in paints and coatings,” said Insogna.

Technologies designed to help protect paint and coatings from microbial contamination will also be highlighted at the show. Dow Microbial Control offers a range of in-can and dry-film biocides, including BIOBAN™ 200 Antimicrobial and ROZONE™ 2000 Mildewcide, two cost-effective products based on ultra-low leaching chemistry for long-lasting dry film protection. In addition to extended dry film performance, these products offer additional protection against algae and a boost to in-can preservation.

Dow experts will discuss these innovations, among others, during the following presentations at the 2015 Western Coatings Symposium:

· Monday, October 26
o 2:50 p.m.: Low VOC Binder Development: Exploration of Morphology and Crosslinking
· Tuesday, October 27
o 10:15 a.m.: Comparison of DCOIT and IPBC for Dry Film Protection of Coatings
o 10:15 a.m.: Isocyanate-Free Polyurethane Coatings: A Novel Technology for Industrial M&PC Applications
· Wednesday, October 28
o 9:10 a.m.: Waterborne Stain-Locking Architectural Primers
o 9:45 a.m.: High Performing Waterborne Acrylic Direct-to-Metal Coatings below 50 g/L
o 10:20 a.m.: Formulating For the Contractor – Additives Can Make the Difference
o 11:30 a.m.: Ultra-Low VOC Waterborne Alkyd Coatings with Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

For more details about Dow presentations at the 2015 Western Coatings Symposium, stop by the Dow Coating Materials booth (#200) or visit

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