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14 March 2012

Incorez launches Incozol EH

Incorez, a global manufacturer of specialist resins and polymers, has launched a bis-oxazolidine latent curing agent, Incozol EH, for use in 1K polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

The product’s properties mean that it can be stored at sub-zero temperatures (as low as -15˚C) without crystallising, making handling and storage easier and more convenient than other types of bis-oxazolidine.

The reduced volatility of the aldehyde leaving group in Incozol EH results in a less pungent odour than bis-oxazolidines based on isobutyraldehyde. The product also possesses excellent in-can stability for both 1K aliphatic and aromatic PU systems. The product’s typical applications include; flooring and balcony systems, roof coatings and sealants.

New consumer campaign for Araldite adhesives

Araldite, the Huntsman brand has launched a consumer push in Europe with a re-packaged range using the description ‘Professional Adhesives’. A new website, www.go-Araldite.com, features the industry credentials of the range as depicted through some key case studies since the first Araldite DIY adhesives were launched in Switzerland in 1946.

Applications shown include examples of Araldite adhesives being used in performance power sports and major construction projects.

The business is taking a fresh approach to its product range, packaging, marketing and distribution, re-launching first in the UK and France.

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