Eastman CTO to focus on sustainability at ACS

04 April 2022

Eastman SVP and CTO Chris Killian will discuss "The role of innovation in the coatings industry when every colour must be green" during his keynote speech at the 2022 American Coatings Show (ACS) in Indianapolis on April 5.

Killian will highlight disruptive trends taking place across the globe and how companies can leverage them to drive sustainable improvements for the climate, economy and wellness.

"Resiliency has long been at the heart of the coatings industry and is often one of the most important functions our solutions deliver to the world around us," Killian said. "Today, the resiliency of coatings technology has yet another contribution to make in leading the way toward a more sustainable future."

One such contribution is Eastman Tetrashield protective resin systems, which make coatings more durable through groundbreaking weathering, chemical resistance and hardness. Tetrashield inherently supports formulator sustainability efforts by enabling low-VOC formulations and eliminating energy-intensive manufacturing steps. For food packaging applications, the resins eliminate the use of BPA and styrene while improving shelf life.

Attendees can learn more about the company’s coatings sustainability initiatives by visiting Eastman booth 1582 during ACS. Eastman technology experts will be on hand to discuss applications in multiple markets, including architecture, automotive, industrial and packaging.

"Sustainability has become a critical focus for businesses, and the coatings industry is no exception," said Soumendra Basu, Eastman director of coatings applications and product development. "Eastman has a strong legacy of innovation and responsible stewardship, and we are developing and deploying solutions to meet this growing demand for more sustainable products."

Visit Eastman’s ACS virtual engagement centre at eastman.com/ACS to learn more about coatings sustainability technologies and applications.

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