Eastman Texanol™ – Correction

10 March 2014

We would like to bring to our readers’ attention clarification regarding the article ‘Advances in Waterborne Rheology Modifiers’ published in the January 2014 issue of PPCJ on page 32. The use of Texanol in the paper should have made reference to Eastman Chemical Company, which is the owner of this trademark. Therefore, mention of this trademark should have been acknowledged using the term ‘Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol’.

The authors also classified Texanol™ as a VOC. Eastman Chemical BV has stated that "it is inaccurate and incorrect to claim, without further elaboration that Texanol™ and its molecular equivalents have the status of VOC. While this may be a true statement with reference to US regulations, there are many other countries (including the EU) where Texanol™ and its equivalents are not classified as a VOC – so this is a serious misrepresentation of the product’s regulatory status”.

Although our house style does not include ™, we do, where necessary, make reference to the ownership of a product in published articles. We hope that this correction will provide the necessary clarification to our readership and to Eastman Chemical

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