Elementis is dedicated to assisting the paint industry in achieving compliance by embracing safer ingredients within the RHEOLATE® IF range

20 March 2024

Elementis, a leading speciality chemical supplier of rheology modifiers for paint, coating & industrial aqueous applications, introduces three new products RHEOLATE® 644 IF, RHEOLATE® 655 IF and RHEOLATE® 666 IF, thereby augmenting the RHEOLATE® IF series (Isothiazoline Free). This expansion enhances the rheology profile range, meeting the different application needs of the coatings industry. The RHEOLATE® IF Series offers customised rheological properties to optimise product performance and for future label compliance requirements. 

Health and safety are on top of the agenda nowadays where end-users are demanding more safer paints and regulations around labels are getting stricter. In order to comply to these needs Elementis extended their RHEOLATE® IF series that will ensure paint manufacturers to be labeling compliant and ready to meet health & safety requirements from end-users. 


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Due to EU ECHA regulations, additives must be free of MIT (a biocide), and the RHEOLATE® IF series was developed primarily to remove rheological thickeners containing the biocide BIT/MIT. The products are low in VOC and solvent-free, ensuring a safer living environment for consumers and compliance with regulatory standards for paint and coating manufacturers. 

Boasting high efficiency, the RHEOLATE® IF series improves rheology and creates excellent dry film properties, contributing to the overall quality and durability of coatings. RHEOLATE® IF series provide thickeners with complete profile from low to high shear rate to meet different needs in formulations and rheology profile and application performance remains on the same level to non-IF products. 

3 NEW IF Series products 

RHEOLATE® 644 IF offers good mid-high-shear viscosity build and best balance of KU/ICI viscosities, result in film build with good brush drag. 

RHEOLATE® 655 IF is designed for use in low VOC decorative systems. Providing thickening efficiency primarily in the medium-shear rate range (Stormer, KU) viscosity. 

RHEOLATE® 666 IF provides viscosity at low and medium-shear rates with effective flow and leveling control. 

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