Elementis launches 96% bio-based carbon content defoamer

30 June 2023

Elementis, a leading speciality chemical supplier of rheology modifiers for paint, coating & industrial aqueous applications, has launched a new 96% bio-based carbon content, C14 verified, DAPRO® BIO 9910.

DAPRO® BIO 9910 is designed to add more sustainability and performance in coatings. With commitment and dedication to greener formulations, this product is set to transform the architectural paint sector by offering enhanced performance, sustainability, and environmental benefits.

“The market is rapidly moving towards safer, sustainable higher performing paints. Many paint manufacturers are currently switching to renewable ingredients, to have a high verifiable biobased content, coupled with fact-based (LCA’s) Life Cycle Analysis. Within Elementis we are developing more products that are meeting up with above elements, DAPRO® BIO 9910 is a great example of the journey to develop and to ensure more sustainable paints by the market,” said Gerjan van Laar, Global Marketing Segment Manager, Architectural.

Defoamers effectively eliminate foam and prevent the formation of bubbles during paint manufacturing, application and storage. Traditionally, defoamers have relied on petroleum-based ingredients, raising concerns about their environmental impact and sustainability. However, Elementis’ DAPRO® BIO 9910 marks a significant step forward, as it is mostly derived from renewable vegetable oil and offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional defoamers. The ultrafine dispersion of wax in vegetable oil is combined with a minor addition of silicone.

This innovative defoamer can be used in water-based coatings and outperforms mineral oil versions. The utilisation of DAPRO® BIO 9910 leads to improved durability and longevity of architectural paint. With excellent storage stability and no phase separation over a long-period of time, it provides long-term effectiveness and best reproducibility.

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