Encina and BASF establish long-term partnership for supply of circular raw materials

21 June 2024

Encina Development Group, LLC (Encina), a manufacturer of ISCC PLUS certified circular chemicals and BASF have announced a long-term supply agreement for chemically recycled circular benzene derived from post-consumer end-of-life plastics. The agreement marks a pivotal moment in sustainable sourcing, as BASF strengthens the circular economy by integrating more chemically recycled, circular-based raw materials into its production processes. BASF will use the chemically recycled benzene for its broad Ccycled® product portfolio.*

“The use of benzene derived from post-consumer plastics as raw material in BASF’s value chains underscores our ongoing commitment to transition towards non-fossil and circular alternatives,” stated Thomas Ohlinger, Vice President Traded Products at BASF. “Through our partnership with Encina, we drive BASF’s transformation by increasing recycling-based feedstocks to offer more Ccycled products to our customers, for example in the packaging, textile and automotive industries.”


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Encina’s circular chemicals are key ingredients used in the production of everyday and novel plastics. Encina’s proprietary catalytic technology produces drop-in quality and high yield circular feedstocks.

“Encina is proud to partner with BASF, an industry leader renowned for its commitment to innovation and sustainability,” said David Roesser, PhD, and Chief Executive Officer of Encina. “This agreement is a big step on the transformative journey towards a truly circular economy, where waste is minimized, and resources are maximised for a more sustainable future.”

BASF’s approach towards achieving circularity encompasses the increasing use of recycled and renewable feedstocks, shaping new material cycles and creating new business models. The collaboration with Encina exemplifies BASF’s dedication to implementing cutting-edge solutions to accelerate the feedstock transformation.

Roesser added, “our agreement with BASF demonstrates that circularity is not just a concept but a tangible reality within our reach.”

Image caption: Rendering of Encina’s circular manufacturing facility. Photo: Encina

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