Epicerol wins JEC Innovation Award in Singapore

26 October 2015

Solvay’s Epicerol® has won the JEC Asia 2015 Innovation Award for ‘Bio-based ECH for more sustainable epoxy resins’. Both Solvay, owner of the Epicerol® technology and trade mark, and Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or ABT, the producer of Epicerol®, have been awarded in the Raw Materials category.
Epicerol® is a 100% bio-based epichlorohydrin (ECH), a chemical intermediate mainly used in the production of epoxy resins, a key material for a wide range of industries namely composites, coatings and electronics. A recent partnership with customers saw Epicerol®-based epoxy resins being used in the composite matrix of a Belgian Solar Car, The Punch One, allowing for 45% bio content in the resin.
"Solvay and ABT are very proud to have been recognised for Epicerol®’s environmental performance benefits”, said Pan-usa Kongmunwattana, Marketing Manager for ABT. "Epicerol® is a market competitive drop-in for petro-based epichlorohydrin and has been used worldwide by our business partners since 2012.”
About Epicerol®
Epicerol® is bio-based epichlorohydrin (ECH) produced by an innovative technology from Solvay. Based on renewable glycerol, Epicerol® is the most sustainable ECH in terms of CO2 emissions and process environmental performance. Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or ABT has been operating its world-class manufacturing unit using Solvay’s proprietary technology in Thailand since February 2012.

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