Evonik invites customers to “Formulate the Future”

21 March 2023

Evonik will present its latest solutions for the coatings, inks and adhesives industry at the European Coatings Show 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 28 to 30.

The speciality chemicals company is focusing on how it can help its customers “Formulate the Future”. To create truly “future-proof” formulations, Evonik’s latest solutions improve both the performance and the sustainability profile of an end product. Highlights include innovations for architectural, automotive, marine, infrastructure, packaging, wind energy and wood and furniture surfaces.

“Modern coating and adhesive products should be innovative and customised, as well as based on renewable raw materials to make them more resource-efficient and environmentally sustainable,” said Claudine Mollenkopf, President Division Specialty Additives. “With our technical expertise, we are helping our customers develop solutions that are fit for the future.”

The expansion of these more sustainable products is in line with Evonik’s focus on increasing the share of “Next Generation Solutions” in its portfolio. These products offer customers much greater sustainability benefits than conventional alternatives.

Examples include additives, resins and monomers that: enhance the performance of automotive applications; beautify and protect architecture; create stronger, longer-lasting structures; and develop high-performance coatings, inks and adhesives that safely preserve quality and freshness while reducing the environmental impact of future smart packaging solutions.

These and other innovations will be featured at Evonik’s
Booth 426 in Hall 3C, as well as during Evonik’s diverse range of European Coatings Conference 2023 and product presentations throughout the three-day show.

Some of Evonik’s notable innovations to be highlighted include:

  • Smaller sized silica for increased durability of clear and pigmented coatings
  • Solutions for visually appealing automotive and wood coatings
  • Safe and widely usable dispersant developed for waterborne printing inks
  • Self-healing concrete additives
  • Next generation defoamers for concrete superplasticisers
  • Ultra-low VOC and bio-based epoxy curing agents
  • Environmentally benign catalysts
  • Bio-based diamine curatives
  • Broad range of eCO products
  • Certified, carbon-footprint reduced methacrylate monomers
  • Environmentally friendly ethoxy silane adhesion promoters
  • Modern anti-corrosive coatings

In addition to highlighting its new products, Evonik has also released the latest edition of its digital Coatings and Adhesives Journal, allowing key industry players to discover more cutting-edge products.

To read the latest Coatings & Adhesives Journal, please visit: https://coatings-and-adhesives-journal.evonik.com

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